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BTC – In 2007 Washington State passed the Employee Privacy and New Credit Check Law April 18th.

Washington State may be trifling on RFID implementation for toll roads, borders, and supermarkets but it is good about not allowing nosey employers to run down your credit score with repeated background checks.

[They also have no State Income Tax.]  ; D

State officials “unclear” what being out of compliance on REAL ID means

c/o Seattle PI – Chris Grygiel

Come May of next year, Washington state will purposely be out of compliance with the federal government’s “REAL ID” program for enhanced security driver’s licenses which will be required by the Homeland Security Department for travel.

What that means is “anybody’s guess,” state lawmakers were told Wednesday.

In 2007 the state Legislature passed a law saying Washington wouldn’t create a new driver’s license unless Uncle Sam picked up the tab and privacy concerns were resolved.


I can see why Washington State is truly confused over terms of federal compliance. They adopted the Enhanced Drivers Licenses. [What more do ya want, Feds?]

c/o Current TV

Sorry …I have been really under the weather for the last several days. I want to use my uptick in wellness to promote the interview exclusive I have with Chris Paget’s new company States like Washington have everything to lose and nothing to gain from Enhanced Drivers Licenses with WHTI compliant RFID tags – which read and expose coded information from 20-30 feet away. Based on my talks with the EFF, this brand of RFID is the most dangerous. It also happens to be the type DHS wants, even as it has failed their own pilot tests.
If DHS insists on screwing the American people out of their privacy, we insist they start providing “protection”, especially in the case of RFID. Paget’s inventions and innovations can provide solutions for States already sold on WHTI compliant RFID. This brand of RFID allows your private information to be exposed to those with bad intentions. Check back in a few days…

Opt in E-Health Records in Washington State


A personal health records pilot test by the Department of Defense has been successful, and the military is now determining how to expand it more widely.

The service, called MiCare, is still in pilot mode at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Wash. Plans call for it to be expanded to the Hampton Roads, Va., area and then beyond. Defense is also working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to determine how the two agencies can collaborate on the initiative. “We want to make sure functional and clinical experts help decide what to do next and when,” said Chuck Campbell, CIO of the Military Health System, during a panel discussion at the Open Government and Innovations Conference.

MiCare will eventually give military members, their families, and veterans access to their personal health records via Internet services, including Microsoft HealthVault and GoogleHealth. The military is also evaluating Relay Health.

The Defense Department opted to go with an online service for health records instead of an internally developed system largely due to cost and timing. “I could build all the servers, buy all the software to do that at probably a large cost and a long time, or I could do this,” said Campbell.

Privacy was a primary concern during the pilot. Patients will have the ability to opt into the system, so their healthcare records won’t go online unless they approve. Users will also be able to decide what information to share and with whom.

During the pilot, MHS had to manage security, determine how to share medical information from its own e-health records system with public systems from Google and Microsoft, and revise processes in hospitals and clinics, including educating healthcare workers in how to use the new systems. ::MORE::