Here are some lines from the Sometimes-Lyrical-Dept.

They are inspired by the day’s events, of which there are many and the example of the Open Source community’s higher aims.  They started here, but now they belong as much to you as they do to me.  You can Open Source music like any other technology.  So I figured I would try.

If you like these lyrics pass them to a productive musical maker to make a song.

(justice would)


There is a tree

It’s been growing in my backyard

My entire life

It started blooming 7 winters ago

The fruit it grows

Wants to eat me

And every Summer it harasses me

within an inch of my life



And one day this Summer

I told it

I’ve had enough

You’ve had your ticker time tree

And now I’m going on a

chopping spree









That tree threatened me again

In the way it has all my years

I stood there

No tears

No cry

I said TREE



This time all the squirrels came by

The nuts began to roll

And the rocks began to fly

The axe started swinging

The crows can’t stop cawing

Nothing’s gonna stop me now


This, this is the end of you and all the bad you do (x 2)









Distanced observations on cults and active politics 


“ When a religion is good, I conceive that it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it, so that its professors are obliged to call for the help of a civil power, ‘tis a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.”  –  Benjamin Franklin


It’s not hard to observe the ardent manipulations to “heed the will of God” by lending your money, labor or power to any number of religious or spiritual groups active in politics. The following observations could apply to almost any cult or major religion active in the political field.  However, instead of picking on someone really obvious like LaRouche PAC, I’m going to go for the one hiding in plain sight. The one we see influencing media, appropriations committees, a war-driven economic and foreign policy: zionism.

I am choosing now to make my assertions in writing, because I am aware of the fiscal, psychological and draining emotional fatigues of zionist led policies. Many people are as afraid of zionists as they are of crossing the capo of a mafia family.

Now, I must say I am not in any danger of losing to or pissing off a zionist, because the worst has already happened. My employment has already been threatened from petty cult tyrants. My nation’s government has already been thoroughly weakened by the persistent demand for aid and foreign policy contortions. The economy has already been decimated due to a 90 degree right angle funnel towards the liquidation of old manufacturing wealth in the US in exchange for a debt-State dependent entirely on further sabotage and foreign war. My digital privacy has already long been exploded out by a private zionist intelligence firm located in Israel. The NSA mimics their intelligence capability and shifts the blame around so you will never look there. Is it all the zionists’ fault? Not really, but most of this is their idea.

So using zionism as our case study, I will move ahead.

Dealing with any cult member is a one-sided, parasitic relationship if you are not a member (and even if you are a member).

I don’t get any benefits from any cult if I am not a member. The problem with cults is that they are often deliberately withholding from members so they will overcompensate in the “proving” stages to exploit them for the maximum amount of labor and loyalty.  Cults, like a lot of religions, start as a voluntary excursion, but later become compulsory, controlling entanglements, leading to estranging isolation from family and normal people, and then comes the brainwash.

In fact, cult members routinely claim that people not in the cult are unclean, not human, not worthy, and of inferior moral integrity.  Any wealth or possessions belonging to non-cult members are considered wasted because they are not possessions or capital in service to the cult. So if you “liberate” the unclean, unhuman non-cult member by stealing their lifetime, possessions or money you have done a great good by translating their filthy earthly wares to the grandiose aims of the cult.

That’s exactly how it works. They dehumanize you. Take from you and that’s good for them. What happens to you is of no consequence to them because you are not cult.

Zionists don’t really care if they insert public policy that isn’t good for my rights, decimate my liberty or my economic prospects. They believe it benefits their hot pursuit of a Middle Eastern dome on land I will never see. The believe I owe them unconditional funding and compliance, even though I don’t get anything out of it. Don’t get me wrong, Israel the nation is not essentially zionist. US foreign policy towards Israel is essentially zionist. That’s good for zionists, but it’s not good for me and a lot of taxpayers.  As a US stakeholder, the ancient fight over the dirt in Jerusalem, Gaza or Palestine doesn’t get me anything but grief. I don’t want to feed into it or fight in it using our national resources, either.

To be really clear, I have ZERO stake in Israel and Palestine as an American citizen.  That conflict does not help me or my prospects in the United States. To give Israel money to keep it uncomplicated or to keep the controlling tantrums to a dull minimum is an insult to the purpose of our foreign policy body. I think we can do better. To me, its been a long exploited relationship where citizens don’t get any benefit.

The conformity aims of cultists are not obvious, unless you trip the brainwash wires.

A lot of zionist cult members are, more or less, normal nice people. You can and will be encouraged to share and be genuine about what you think, your religious beliefs, and what you value in life and any possessions. This is the customary intelligence gathering to help them organize the sticks and carrots they will try to put together a little later to get whatever it is they might want from you.

You won’t always know you are dealing with a zionist cult member. They don’t always let on. You may not be deemed worthy of knowing their deeply valued beliefs because you’re an insect to them. Zionists are members of a wide variety of political parties, causes, and institutions. Zionists are not necessarily Jewish, but they are almost always very religious. 

Regardless of actual religious beliefs, zionists are entirely pro-Israel, whatever that means that day. Even if they are not in any way remotely an Israeli citizen.  Finally, they are openly hostile to non-adherents that can’t know why they don’t conform to the priorities of the cult, because they are not cult. [If this sounds familiar to the intelligence community’s policy of invocation of State’s Secrets for everything, you are probably onto something.]

This leads me to the one true life anecdote of how I experienced the completely transparent display a mind-controlled zionist adherent.

I was interning in a small Hollywood PR office off of Vine and Cahuenga.  I was dispatched to do the most mind numbing, menial and career irrelevant work by the women who recruited me. It shouldn’t surprise you that I learned nothing that would help me advance in my operational ability in the field while I was there.

To whittle away the time, I started conversations on topics I felt were interesting because I was quite religious at the time.  They seemed, oddly, okay with this. Until one day, without warning or provocation, one of the bosses stopped cold and screamed at me that I had murdered people and I was guilty of murder and that I had plans to continue to murder innocent jews all over the world. My religious preferences were set to something that tripped her brainwash wires.

Now, it did seem to come out of the sky blue for everyone else in the office that day I was now considered a murderer by the boss. The delusion was precisely that I was convicted of murder by a non-judicial, unprofessional court of ONE zionist. I broke the shocked silence by correcting her for reality that, in fact, I had never murdered anyone. I had no plans to murder anyone. I did not know what her orientation was to lead her to that conclusion. I never would. She wasn’t the kind to explain herself for obvious reasons. Everyone, wide-eyed, went back to working in silence because something truly insane had just transpired. We shifted focus to pay dirt and left for the day.

Years later I realized my in-depth indiscretion against zionism had probably started the minute she picked up my resume. The cult nature was out of the bag. Anything I did or said would be framed by inaccuracies and character assassinations by this person.

So to wind down my rail against cults and the discharge of their one-sided social offerings, is do your due diligence to know who you are dealing with.  It’s not your fault certain people break their backs to get into cults and then realize they still don’t have anything. You can’t make the cultist happy. Cults are never ever done with all forms of extortion. If there is no strenuous grasping to manipulate using overextended illusions, the slavery is over.

The tragic secret is that peace, liberty and freedom is for people who aren’t cult members. Slavery is over.

It’s really simple, don’t accept a bad deal. That goes for banking policy, tax policy, foreign policy and overcomplicated ancient foreign wars that have their “holy” purpose. Just know cultists will take everything you have: your life savings, your family, your home, your money, your rights, your economy, your freedoms and your life. Your life is not for you, it’s for the cult. Don’t be surprised if you weren’t at the meeting when they decided what to do with your life and possessions.  It’s not personal.

The only immunity you have is to understand the deal you have been offered. The offering is twisting the quid pro quo. It is one where the cult tried to convince you the world is theirs to give you so you actually possess nothing of your own. So everything that is yours, is theirs and everything that is theirs, is still theirs.

See how that works?


Remarks on the transactional workers of a global psychic corrale


Fear. Apathy. Charachter assassination. Each one has its place in the collective affliction of mass surveillance Americans face alongside anyone with a dial-up connection in West Africa or the south of Spain.  We are all guilty of something the surveillant says.

I know what happens to you may happen to me if I am honest.

There’s a numbness that must overtake someone before they commit an act against their conscience: violating someone else or hurting some part of themselves. The misled follow a process. First there is a lure. Then a seductive offering.  If you accept the distraction as a offerring, the trap closes around you. Then you become the pet of your captor.  Then perhaps later a slave.  Once your captor is done exploiting you for the essential product or service desired, they release you by disposal or, more unfortunately, death.

Think of what it might be like to work for an animal slaughter house. Every single day workers see the vital intact form of a conscious animal separated from its life. Then blood and skin from meat and bones.  Everything a rote transactional process. From the unfortunate animals corral, to its collapse, to its dismemberment, to package for market. The organized workers in compartments perform like bees. They are paid a servants wage to peform the death processes to a living thing.  Do you wonder what kind of people they are?  How long they stay in that job?

What if I said surveillance feels like the conveyor processes of a psychic slaughter. That may be why it is so often a percursor to mass genocide campaigns.  The surveillance is invisible, but it isn’t painless.  We are collected and corralled.  If we are conscious of it we wrestle in our minds.  We struggle against it.  Then we try to forget how we have been so exposed against our will, captured in a slave plantation the size of an office cabinet. The blinking quartz LED lights lead us down the digital conveyor belt where the psychic carvers dismember, clean and store pieces of our lives, our faces, our actions, for people we don’t know for reasons not provided.

All of this happens while we are alive. We are alive.

I’m sure analysts must learn to shut off the fact that we are alive while they carve us to into  datasets and spreadsheets. From there we are reduced to frozen facts in one clip of restrained, refined product for government or the market.

It must be the pay. You would think that the repeated psychic dismemberment of entire nations, families and people you may know would finally get to you. We know it eventually got to Edward Snowden. In the span of his life as an Intelligence processor he was paid a lot of money to perform these functions.  At some point he must have arrived at the conclusion that he was not performing analytical slicing, dicing and profiling of dead people but whole, living, conscious human beings not unlike him at all.

90% of the FISA or NSA bulk data collected isn’t to stop terrorism or crime. That is just a lie. The data collected is to stop you: from being normal, from being free, from dignity, from being anything but a source of exploit for profit or power by data brokers or human information traffickers.

I’m sure these analysts would scream in my face, telling me they are doing nothing wrong, that I am crazy, and I deserve the surveillance.  Confronting them directly is a waste of energy. They will get up and do it all again tomorrow to someone who is merely a little bit different and equally alive. They won’t admit to feeling anything about it. You are not human to them. They don’t know how to be ashamed for what they do.

What happens to us is sad. What happens to the people who work to process their fellow man this way is worse. To perform atrocities on a mass scale begins a transformation to the worker.  I sense these people separating from themselves underneath the roofs of their own skulls because they are not that different from you. They begin to fall apart and to fracture into pieces of themselves. On the outside they look and sound normal, but just underneath you find a cracked person, determined to self-destruct underneath an irrational compulsion toward pay for this line of work.

They may be in denial that their choices brought them and bought them to this, for cheap. Until one day they notice they can’t function normally. They became a collection of mere fractures, floating around in a sack of blood, siphoned through organs to bones and moving meat parts. They are dying souls. They rationalize what they do because … any excuse fits really.

They just want their check.

Or other reasons why the journalism trade is unattractive for people who need income

I write this for the people who say,”Bah. You’re uncommitted. You just don’t want it bad enough.”

Ok. You’re absolutely right.  I don’t.  There are reasons.  Here are 10.


  1. Point them to avenues of non-paid heirarchy as a source of employment
  2. Read their pitches and fail to send any note of receipt or response
  3. Throw out their copy out because it’s better than yours
  4. Offer unqualified reasons their writng is unusable, include personal insults
  5. Go to journalism networking events and snub efforts to find pitch opportunities or employment breaks
  6. Be a dick to the interns and the administrative staff
  7. Talk trash about other great writers on your staff and laugh about how they’ll never get anywhere
  8. Ask freelancers to write for free when you could easily pay them, as a juvenile inititation rite
  9. Berate or show open mean spirited contempt for credited writers on staff asking for a pay raise or benefits
  10. Deny them important legal resources and job tools to deepen the meaning of a story or confirm sources






Dear Libertarian,


This is a brief note to let you know there has been a line drawn in the sand. It would be good for you to practice some observance.

I have found the realm of active organized politics very confining to my personal pursuit of #Liberty.

I don’t like being pressured and told what to do by people who are forceful and weird with me when I do volunteer up to lend support to the profession of Liberty ideals.

The worst part is found among the problem characters in the field of organized politics. Those who seek power to have power for power’s sake.  For them, the Libertarian cause is an entrepreneurial opportunity with free labor attached. Their plans are not different from other partisan animals. They wish to seat themselves atop a hierarchy of people they despise.

While we presume these brothers & sisters extol the priority of Liberty amongst each other, they also tend to lie, cheat and steal from each other, as with typical factionalism professions.  To these charlatans, you know who you are.  I will point you to someone who may take your indefinite orders for zero compensation, but I won’t be doing anything for you as your intent is made known.  I’m not your amenity.

To the sincerity of the rest, I feel the need to explain there is a limit to what I can be expected to grant in terms of Libertarian genie wishes.  Once that limit has been reached you will be informed that my bond to you has been lifted.  I will drift away like a ghost into the ethers.

Liberty is personal. If you want Liberty to be an act of brute labor, find some money to pay your workers upon an agreement to make it a profession.  You will find some hypocrisy among the less spiritually inclined to make arbitrary demands with slavish and abusive conditions for people who perform work tasks amongst each other. Often they are not charged anything for political labor. Yet, when The Willing apply themselves they often are mistreated as volunteers.

Cause labor isn’t free. It comes at a cost to everyone who applies themselves responsibly. If you are not communists, don’t act like them. Recruit qualified people whose work you will trust and respect as if you were running a business. Pay them a market adjusted wage.  However, don’t insult voluntary or paid contributions with petty tyranny, threats, screaming, carrots, diminution and intimidation, because they will hate you, leave you and misunderstand Liberty.

No one cares if that is the standard way the political profession or active campaigning is carried out.  No one cares about your cult of insanity or your initiation fantasies if they truly give a damn about their Liberty.

Always be grateful for what you have. No one is promised anything.  Gratitude will help you stay human and flexible when everyone else is becoming another substrate species channelling intent that leads to frothing at the mouth, dropping chromosomes like dead skin cells.  Those moments are really frustrating.

Finally, do not exasperate your fellows’ goodwill with constant grating philosophical classifications of phyla of species and subspecies of Libertarianism.  Liberty is simple. If you get  lost in the trees, deep in the forest, some of us will call and you won’t be able to recognize us.

Thank you for considering it.


Sheila Dean for Godzilla Government

Here’s a friendly e-mail you can pass along to someone you know which might be useful if you’re slightly concerned about privacy.


Hi There,

(*Remember, copy paste links from an e-mail into a separate browser to avoid trojan malware infections.)

There ‘s another privacy threat out there called, Google Glass. It attaches wifi to a set of computerized glasses that conduct a live video webcam feed wherever the Glass wearer is. A lot of people are a little distressed about it. Indescriminate Glass wearers are called, comically, Glassholes.

Most everyone is distressed these days about privacy. On June 5th, many people are adopting the privacy pack materials at to better secure their life online.

There’s also a pretty awesome privacy applications suite at The Guardian Project available for free to download to secure iPhones and smartphones.

But to cut off a Glasshole you’ll need a special app

available for download here.

Here’s more about that:

Thanks for considering it.

Your friend in deed,


P.S.  Life is too short to put up with Glassholes. Enjoy a beautiful Summer.

Why is it that once elected some arcane invisible force will seize the reasoning faculties of a public official like … a drug?  I reconstitute some thoughts that came before me to inform the world, once again, power can perform exactly like a drug.  I describe here the corrupting influences, not of power, but of drugs.

The bad news is if you are on drugs you are not in control. If you do enough drugs on a regular basis you become a cause lost to addiction. Again, not a giant revelation.

When you mix drugs you may get casualties.  Many many actors, musicians and otherwise cherished people we may know mixed up their drugs and died. If the addict is not dead then they come out circumstantially or physically chewed up on the other end of the addiction cycle.

Some of the cast members from Walking Dead resemble LA’s skid row at 5:30 AM.  Those unfortunate bottomers lose their life savings, their teeth, and motor skills to chemically induced cerebral palsy. Substance abuse bores holes in your brain. The worst loss of all is dignity.

Sometimes the perils of substance abuse don’t stay quiet.  Especially when political figures mix the drug of power and crack cocaine. Every now and then you get a gory story of a capital town mayor hitting the ground like Icarus on the way back from the sun. A recent bookmark was Ontario’s Mayor Ford.  Reputation splattered all over the news. Institution temples desecrated. Swarms of bloodletting lawyers emerged like bats at dusk. There is awe but not shock.

I don’t hear much about anyone else in these capitol towns, their substance abuse or heavy party habits.  I am convinced there are still casualties because there is mixing of drugs: power & party favors. Hence, the speculation about capitol towns spoken of as an underworld escalator to crypts hiding in plain sight.

Let’s take a quick look at one drug of choice for people with far too much money, some power and self-granted immunity from criminality: cocaine. Cocaine induced psychosis makes you think you are God with a capital G, for Going TOO FAAST.  Unfortunately, it is  also a really addictive substance.  Addicts in their quest for the unending high become chemically induced psychopaths. Sometimes people die as a result. Usually not the addict, I’m afraid. Prisons are filled with addicts who created treacheries for themselves and others while completely high.  Obviously  addicts in prison are not in power or have mastery of their fate.

Everyone is a little bit scared of gangsters and drug dealers, including and especially addicts.  They are known to kill indiscriminately.  They are your proverbial bad guys endorsing the underside of life.

CAUTION: RABBIT HOLE AHEAD, watch where you step.

Now mix in the “investigative journalism” premise: the CIA runs the Latin American drug trade (confirmed) and perhaps, along with the US Military manages Afghanistan’s Opiate trade (unconfirmed). There are a couple of notable investigative reporters who broke the news about the CIA’s role in DEA corruption of the Los Angeles drug trade.Incidentally they also passed on fairly recently of “suicide”. [R.I.P. Michael Ruppert]  In fact, check out the full length biopic “Killing The Messenger” about the life and death of Gary Webb, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, due for release October 2014 from FOCUS films.  Webb ONLY went back over the Iran Contra justice scandal in 1996 to reveal the CIA was still in the narco business.

Is CIA drug involvement policy your fault? No. Is it the fault of drug addicts caught in the middle of business conducted by our clandestine services departments? Not really, but sometimes, yes.  Are prisons filled with small time guys who probably were set up for a life of trouble by the CIA?  We think so.

It’s moderate-to-popular to say the federal War On Drugs is a failure.  It’s somewhat scary to say don’t do drugs because the federal intelligence agencies are creating an independent source of wealth and a duplicitous system of prison controls through the drug trade. So it makes sense now, if Nancy Regan DAREed to be a moral person for 2 seconds of her life, to just tell people not to pay into the federal drug trade.  Why should the American people fatten up the CIA so they can throw addicts in prison?

People are dying every day in Afghanistan. I don’t think anyone really knows for sure what’s going on. However, if you check with your local homeless veteran back from Afghanistan with a serious black tar habit they might tell you they were patrolling poppy fields one day and then busting them later.  That might mean the Pentagon and US Intelligence agencies have access to no small amount of party favors. I don’t think any regulator really checks up on them because everything has “gone black” or is intentionally secret.  If my projected scare porn scenario is true it makes the Iran Contra scandal look like Ivory soap.

I think Washington D.C. is full of drugs. The people with clandestine access and immunity from the covert community is at an all time high. The hubris, lying and compulsive power tripping policy is also at an all time high. It might make more sense if they were trying to protect a well indulged narcotics habit.

However, I don’t think the narcotic of power by itself would be enough to keep up the level of corruption instituted in D.C. If the People in Power are mixing their drugs it might look like aliens are minding the store because they are so.. so.. HIGH.  I could totally see K Street lobbyists/hookers doing their mark ups completely high. I could see aides and elected officials making agreements to do things that aren’t in the public interest. Like greenlighting blank-check omnibus bundled crap they didn’t read while they are completely drunk or high. Everyone around them might be employed to be an enabler or scared to death to say anything for FOMO (fear of missing out) or…death.People who follow power for power’s sake don’t think long term.

Addicts only think as far as their next high.


When someone comes down from a massive high they are often paranoid.  If you have a lot of responsibility back in your district and someone introduced you to your new best friend Cocaine and you have to attend a committee hearing in an hour, who is in control now?  Your dealer.

Your dealer is now the source of All That Is, even if “That” is a totally illegal controlled substance.  You are going to do exactly what they tell you.  If your dealer is actually the self-declared King of Clandestine Access, they can get you a speed pass to Heaven so long as you don’t ever cross them as the source.  Since you actually just gave away all of your power and the power of your entire district to a drug dealer you are *definitely paranoid* now.

Power is no longer power when you give it away to someone else.

If you were coming down and trying to manage public office one would think that you couldn’t write in surveillance controls or clandestine immunity rules fast enough.  The Dealer could keep an eye on the dissenting insects who cannot possibly understand what it’s like now that you are God. They’ve got guns and muscle. It’ll be easy.

It’s not like I have proof, or anything, but it’s something to consider in light of what we have experienced in public affairs for the last 30 years. There are DUI laws. Perhaps we could do something about lawmaking conducted under the influence. People with substance abuse problems can legitimately be removed from public office. Obviously, you cannot be expected to run the country high out of your mind.

It is worth saying anyone who expects to trade in my civil liberty, unopposed, for a gratuitous, unchecked government contract must be completely high. If the court system entertained my notions in they might introduce a mass intervention against a real source of corruption in Washington.

It’s more likely, since this sort of  proposal is reasonable, that someone dumb and powerful will immediately ignore it.  I am gambling on a small percentage of justice professionals who would consider it given the powers granted to them to enforce Constitutional law.

The People have immediate cause to release problem addicts from “public service”.  If they want to beg for their job, they can liquidate their pension into a 401K as a severance package and pursue substance rehab or vocational rehab. If we were nice they could choose to apply for their job after 360 days of technical sobriety.  We would not be compelled to rehire at any rate.

Just imagine the D.C. gridlock caused by school busses filled with former public servants headed to the Ozarks for acquittal rehab.

Now..Take us home Donna Summer…