Occasionally I compose some writing that doesn’t match [or is a remote inverse of] the  hotly promoted, unending, commercial serial conflicts presented in modern media.  What I present here is short, sweet and a punctual end to conflict in story. Whatever criticism may come, I write vignettes to satisfy my own sense of a moral assertion in the form of a short fictional outcome.  I am compelled to do this or simply go insane. This is my simplistic interpretation of what it would be like to be lost at sea with a Fabian ivory tower analyst. - Sheila Dean


The Kind of Game You Can Lose


A skipper off the coast of a Pacific shore was caught off guard by a oncoming storm.   There were 15 people on board at the time of the onset of the storm.  Five of the crew were immediately swept overboard and drowned in the siege of cold waves. The power was cut off.  In efforts to see, someone lit a candle. The boat buckled under the weight of another enormous wave sending the candle, like a projectile sent from hell, into a pile of papers. The boat exploded in flames within minutes.

An announcement was made the boat was to be abandoned in the midst of this catastrophic storm.  Seven made it to the life boat.  No one knew how long it took for the storm to subside.  Minutes seemed like hours.  Most all were cold, half-drowned and certainly at a loss for words.

The storm pushed the boat into unknown territory. For days no one spoke.  There were often sounds of sniffles, some crying, coughing, and sneezing.  They were alive, pushed, disoriented and adrift in the unknown.

One original crewmember pulled his memories together of the anatomy of the lifeboat and moved to the back of the boat.  There he found cans of food and bottled water.  He checked his compass for direction.  He then stood, finally, to break the silence.

He said, “There is water and food on this boat. Please drink some fresh water.”  He passed out the water quickly everyone in the boat.

“My name is Marvin, remember? We are headed North, northeast.”   In a few minutes it was gathered that no one had a working cellphone and no one truly knew where they were.

Marvin was built like an Elk. He had trustworthy eyes that looked like polished onyx.  He cared for everyone on the boat.  He did not know if they were all the family he would ever see for the rest of his life.  So he cherished the lives in his care.

Most everyone on board was surprised by the kindness and warmed immediately to the prospect of survival contingency planning.   Everyone except for a prominent anthropology scholar, who seemed to question and argue down every decision big or small made towards a survivable outcome.

Finally, one of the passengers, the mother of twins left on shore pulled Marvin aside and shared her concerns.  She peered into his face and whispered,”Marvin, I have two boys at home who need me.  This man is trying to kill us all,” she said with concern. “Why is he fighting us all so fiercely for trying to get home alive?”

Marvin eyed the woman and then looked over at the scholar.  The scholar was not an invincible physical force. He weighed “a buck-fifty” by Marvin’s estimate.  Without a doubt he was the smartest man on the boat, but not the kindest.  Everything he had said sounded like the desperate noise of a trapped rat drowning in a cage.

“I can’t answer that for you.  You’ll have to ask him yourself,” said Marvin who made  a decision to wait back and watch the reaction of his existing crew.

The mother approached the scholar and said plainly,”You have found problems with every plan that would lead us home, why is that?”

The scholar suddenly straightened up and said, “We are lost and I do not trust my life with these people.”

The mother reasoned, “ have water and food and no one wants to harm you here. We all seem to want the same thing. What do you want from us?”

It then dawned on the professor that his experise would not aquit his motive to withdraw from surviving members of the ship.

“The food and water will run out. Then we wait to die. We will eventually vote to kill someone so the others and use them to fish,” the professor snapped.

This surviors scenario had some merit, but not much likelihood, as there were two expert fisherman on-board, condensation traps, flares and essentials.

No one said anything right away but all eyed each other, inching away from the professor.

“I see,” coughed out the mother, finally.  Marvin had plenty of experience with desperation and morale as a crew leader.  These were all the people he had left  and he intended to care for everyone.

“Uhh, listen professor, we have what we need.  I suspect we will be out here for 15 days at the most the way we are headed.  If we need to fish, we can fish.  If we need water, we can collect it, so I wouldn’t worry so much.”




The professor stood to his feet shaking with rage and bellows at the boat passengers,” We are out of food!  We are nearly out of water!  We are still at sea!  Someone will need to be elected soon to die for the rest of us!”

Marvin could see that his friend the professor was very attached to the idea of someone dying so that he could presumably live.  He could see he needed a little attitude adjustment as everyone’s patience and morale was wearing thin with the time spent adrift.

Marvin leaned over to the mother and whispered something to which she nodded. She suddenly said,”Okay, lets try a vote.”

“Who here would like to die today? Please raise your hand” she said.  A few laughed under their breath and no one raised their hand.”

The professor scowled at her and said, “You can’t be that direct! No one wants to die, you have to pick someone based on who has the least value to give to the surviving world!”

The mother tuned out the professor and wisely chose another direction. “Who here would give one finger so we could fish with it, if we were all starving to death at sea?”  5 out of 7 raised their hands.   The mother did not raise her hand, nor did the professor.

“Very revealing,” said Marvin, who could see where this was going.

“Well,” said the mother “it appears that neither you or I are willing to sacrifice for the others, professor. Shall we kill the rest?” asked the mother as she winked at Marvin and two other laughing crew members.

With that a fish flew into the boat and was pounced upon by the professor.

Marvin had enough of this selfishness and pulled the fish out of his mouth.  The professor screamed punching him in the face. Marvin picked the man up by his neck and pitched him overboard, saying, “It appears you have the least worth to the members of this small survivors ship. The council of survivors will find another way, as nothing you have to offer is usable as bait. Good luck to you, professor. Now you can trade flesh on your own perfect terms for all the fish in the sea. It all worked out.”

While all were hungry and thirsty, none complained of the little water they had and the small bites of fish they were given. They were rescued in 3 days. No one bothered speaking of the professor’s death by abandonment.

Why should they?  It was his public policy implemented expertly by those in charge on the survivors ship. Scholars are rarely given public acclaim when their policies are implemented.  He should have been satisfied by the intellectual outcome of his scenario. Someone was sacrificed to the open water to reinforce the surviving greater good of them all.

Upon arrival the accredited professor was an above the fold inclusion of those rescued as “lost at sea”.   An obituaries were written by major science journals opining his loss saying, “The fates were fierce with the professor whose work to save the environment and to suppress population growth across the world was among the most prominent in the field. He works will survive where he did not.”

The mother put down her newspaper, saying, “My sons survived and he did not.”

What do you do when Chuthlu shows up in a smart suit to focus rhetoric from The Fear Insitute in your dreams?

From the mists of a dream a character appeared to me.  It was a serene Chthulu, H.P. Lovecraft’s dead god of the Underworld, in a grey suit and a red tie.  He calmly pointed me to one of the twin towers which had been struck by a plane.  He insisted that I focus on the displaced bodies of very unfortunate people falling to their deaths from the World Trade Center over a decade ago.

I have thought of those people from time to time.  Sometimes as ghosts. Other times as zombies.  Their imagined responses to being killed in the September 11th attacks are as varied as the people actually killed or victimized to death in the NYC disaster.  My thoughts of them rally forth as ghosts seeking the truth about their demise. Some of those dead gratefully surrendered to the event as a closure to their living on earth. Others are angry, misting around the NYC tower grounds grumbling at failed attempts at survival or unfinished business transactions; which may have been as meaningless as their end. Some, behind the force of their patriotism in life, would be for war or for civil sacrifice.  Some would be appalled at the demise of our privacy and the decommission of our liberty over their death to a point of grief. Today so much foreign war, torture and tyranny is couched on making their deaths purposeful by US leaders.

I would like to see the ghosts of the scattered fallen in NYC speaking for themselves. I imagine them haunting a corrupt Congress and Executive agencies to cease the excuse of mass surveillance. The dead from these buildings would demand justice and a return to normative freedoms we enjoyed before the 9-11 Commission placed itself above the US Constitution.

Yet, here we are with hardly any fear of god, devil or poltergeist in these Institutions.  Only the distillations of psychopathic intent forged on a fiat appropriations committee and then presented to the people under force of “law”. Corruption is the process. The plebean may not trust it. They are far beyond the insult into the paces of survival.

World trade concerns are simply temporal.  They have no lasting spiritual meaning or result.  The actions of the marketplace are as perishable as the  people committed to them.  You may wonder what the true fate of the WTC’s fallen would be, but it wouldn’t be that much different from when we say goodbye to living. Idealizing the fallen at the WTC might be a spiritual mistake.  We already know what the policy mistakes look like from misappropriating the reverence of these dead.

I awoke to a stream of texts from my boyfriend asking me if I did in fact need a medicine from the drugstore.

I think its more than odd, since I have never read a single H.P. Lovecraft novel in my life, that one of his dead underworld gods of apocalyptic destruction would usher in such a discerning request to think of in one of my dreams.

I learned that both Chthulu and the Dreamlands are the creations left behind by Mr. H.P. Lovecraft.  The Dreamlands were later populated with the stories of author, Johnathan Howard.  Howard animated the journey of a protagonist, Johannes Cabal. He was sent on a mission of reconnaissance into the Dreamlands to seize the Phobic Animus or the embodiment of fear, upon commission of none other than The Fear Institute.  This may have everything to do with the War on Terror.

It does seem that an Chthulu made his message of focus known to me to point to an agenda of The Fear Institute, as an analyst.  Chthulu, who is dead himself, had an agenda in reanimation.  It would be to end this world as we currently know and produce a reign of permanent arbitrary destruction.

It occurred to me that the War on Terror, the backwards thing that it is, has become the most appropriate vehicle for Mr. Chthulu to achieve his aims in resurrected living.  The War on Terror has become the thing it has feared. It fights and kills millions, adding the source of its origin as a target: American fears brocaded in the dead piles of a few thousand New Yorkers.  Chthulu simply wanted me to focus on the cascade of falling dead from the Twin Towers and nothing else.

I write this response to honor his peaceable visit from the Collective Unconscious; which yielded some musings on the Twin Towers’ dead.  Politicians love to speak for the dead, because they cannot speak back.  The truth may be if the dead of the Twin Towers could speak, would it get past the seared consciences of those in power to turn the policy from the Error of Terror (heh,~Era of Terror) to a beneficial type of  regressive defense reform?  What will it take for those in power to take the gloves off?  I don’t know.

What I do know is that  if you need the WTC dead to speak, it would take a necromancer as adeptly imagined by HP Lovecraft to produce the answer to that question. More to the point, why do we need to call up the dead to make a point for the intentions of the living?  Can’t we do this ourselves?

To Chthulu, my dream visitor, dead god of the Underworld, please, tell your fellows at The Fear Institute that I owe them nothing more and leave me be.

Catherine Austin Fitts: The UFO Economy.

I am writing an expolicy paper. For those who don’t know what exopolicy is, it is policy development concerned with extraterrestrial relations in government. If you don’t think its an active policy area, perhaps you should watch the following video.  It is the report of the work of an active globalist lobby with a moving proposal for a top-down extraterrestrial cabinet office. 

The report was considered “credible” by the Exopolicy Institute based on the claims of Veterans Today doing some war reporting in context of the commission of a cabinet agency to field ET relations. The majority of “sources” cited were secret. This may have had something to do with one of the Ed Snowden leaks.

There’s a problem. What if I don’t want to subsidize the presumed commission of a government agency to trot out my interests in extraterrestrial affairs? What agency do I have to support my existing right to really not give two whits about what the aliens want or don’t want and enact that right with legal protections?

Before I print anything else, I wanted to place a line down on an important first assertion. It is not my role or intent to prove or disprove the existence or agenda of any extraterrestrial race as a governing body. On the contrary, my policy paper is about protecting my right to be completely heretically indifferent to the aims and agenda of extraterrestrials as touching government and to oppose the commission of another federal agency with appropriations. We may need a Constitutional amendment protecting your right to be left alone by aliens and to prove indifference by an appropriations block for extraterrestrial advocacy in your government.

If there are 3 people making demands for an extraterrestrial agency with czars and bureaucrats, that is more government than I really want to be bothered with to support. There should be at least 6 people opposed to the Imperial Presidential cabinet and the Black Budget.  Those opposed should exhibit in debate why we should not have an appropriations session for another agency cabinet to deal with aliens. [Priorities.]

The other layer of exopolicy gets to address reasons for founding the NSA agency: the oversight of all electronic communications.  The NSA’s global mass surveillance aperture is fundamental to  their agency’s mission. According to several government whistleblowers, one reason to override your 4th amendment is to troll for extraterrestrial activity. There are other freedoms that are being sacrificed on the altar of controlling alien information on planet earth. Particularly, your right to a fair trial, to know what you are accused of, and to face your accusers.

At the moment, these agencies are putting the interests of clandestine machinery above guaranteed rights. They have been getting a pass from Congress to do it.  If the excuse they seem to be using behind closed doors is alien subject matter, it is worth addressing this in a more direct manner.  This way you can get past the carefully worded Rumsfeld-era chicanery of “known-unknowns”.

The game the government plays may insert whatever vaguely implied threat of any scary faceless boogeyman as reason to shake you down of your freedoms or your liberty. It may be really useful to articulate on the alien threat as a creative means to demand the reform. You can rightfully decommission of programs intended to dissolve the efficacy of the US Constitution.

Since systemic corruption is already illegal, we are in full right to demand a cease and desist of any reason they provide, known or unknown, when it is a threat to US sovereignty.  If it is extraterrestrial intrigues, I’m humble enough to humor the excuse. Even if I actually don’t care what an alien does or doesn’t do.  Extraterrestrials may be one giant metaphor for corruption continuity and appropriations gatekeeping, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

If I write any policy paper it is to compell others to mind the force of ideas in government. Ideas are not grounded necessarily in reality. They do get there in lawmaking or policy regulation in our government bodies.

If I make these assertions directly about the proposals for an above board representative government for ETs, it may point to current black budget expenditures that are left to the analysis of mediums, alien channelers and political faith proponents who identify as global extremists, with or without an alien agenda. Once the wheels start turning about these things, you might turn to Congress and start making more asks about any dark budget items. Be more direct about the presumption they are protecting alien interests. Then you can try to get that defunded.

The point is you do not have to prove there are aliens in your government to start demanding that your government protect your interests. We all know the US Air Force, the Navy, NASA, the ODNI and others who contract hundreds of millions of dollars in agency appropriations have their policy proposals in about how to deal with “the alien” scenarios.

If I want to gut a federal budget dealing with extraterrestrial interests and defund a black program, I have got to ask. A policy proposal is one of the right ways to do something and be taken semi-seriously. The point isn’t to go over the sincere housing of alien living and comfort on planet earth. It is to address the absurdity that we need to start craftsmanship on an alien house with federal resources pulled up from the US people.

Please check here for my developing expolicy proposal.

I hope you will add your comments towards these ideas and ideals.


Sheila Dean

Start with the People

A {drafting} manifesto to reform exopolitical affairs in the United States


Sheila Dean

*Dedicated to all the hard working people trying to open the government.

“LET THE SUNSHINE IN!”  - Hair, the musical

Mad Political Science Publishers, 2014


I. OPENING ARGUMENT: Deconstructing the myth of extraterrestrial supremacy to existing governance


“Current exopolitical analysts dispatching reports have, unfortunately, been able to manipulate and marble some substance or existence of their interests into working relationships with retired members of US armed forces and US intelligence agencies. They build a case of ET rendered geopolitical supremacy based on the able cooperation of US government agencies to conduct the will and kinetic force of policies presumed to be set forth by extraterrestrials. Tools of global enforcement reported to be in use against populations include but are not limited to: abduction, rendition, kill operations, psychological operations, global mass surveillance, individual targeting, the commission of clandestine technologies and the use of torture. None of these conventions are new for governments to display dominance towards perceived enemies or human publics. They have merely claimed these operations to tie in representative government as public agency and to substantiate global supremacy as enacted ET governance.

There is no legitmate claim to govern the people of the United States by any extraterrestrial interest. Any internal claims by US Defense or Intelligence agencies to allow ETs to govern for reason of trade or extraterrestrial defense dominance dissolves the foundation of the oath of agency and the agency commences with treason. The actions of deferring governance to an extraterrestrial race dissolves the public contract of that agency for becoming a live operating enemy to the sovereignty of the American government and a threat to the US people. These agencies then become the homegrown terror agents themselves, promulgating a coup and committ an act of war against itself.

The myth of extraterrestrial supremacy then is debunked for it relies on the agency of treason in existing government to proceed. Proponents of global extremism in exopolicy would need to actively rely on collusion of current government resources with ETs to undermine the natural rights of constituents as their proof of governing supremacy. Extraterrestrials have no agency or representative body of their own to enact governance on this planet or to produce any use of enforcement against sovereign publics. Nor have they put forward any such claim.”



“The Black Budget may prove there are employable positions in the shadow government sectors. The most likely candidates for these positions are human beings. After that, there is no accountability over how the money is spent, how to regulate who gets a contract, whether the service is effective or relevant to the American people. Whether or not there are ETs involved or employed by our government, the taxpayer continues to be forced to pay for a secret complex that locks out their interests in their name. This creates a nearly perfect storm for agency fraud, embezzlement and graft corruption of agency officials. Were the ET Industrial Complex a systemic hoax conducted by Intelligence agencies to defraud the Federal Reserve of hundreds of billions of dollars in defecit expenditures, our government’s fiat economic agreements would be compromised. The fallout consequence of mass embezzlement would both destabilize the global economy and the US government.”

III. TERRESTRIAL RIGHT TO INDIFFERENCE TO EXTRATERRESTRIAL RELATIONS [Incl. Constitutional amendment for Congress not to project (or punt to) ET Government, end debt ceiling appropriation to comission Black Budget projects incl./esp any Extraterrestrial basing, subject current commercial bids to a grant review process to benefit impact studies incl. environmental, human health and safety, and any labor impacts in true context of public interest benefit. The legal definition of indifference to extraterrestrial policy pursuits towards human kind and the planetary environment.]

SUMMARY: Establishes principle policy details of your right to not care or be troubled by the agency of extraterrestrials and for government to annul secret rule granted to extraterrestrial dominance. [In laymans' terms  this presents your constitutional right to not care and/or deny appropriation of resource for an alien agenda, known or clandestine.]

VI. THE RIGHT TO BE LEFT ALONE [Includes restoration of conceptual privacy as projected exopolicy as established human rights-relations, universal declaration against clandestine abduction scenarios, the idea of reproductive sovereignty as a human right as projected exopolicy, restoration of rights for prisoners of black site prison system - including an appeal for legislation to repeal the NDAA arbitrary indefinite detention provisons at military discretion, clemency for prisoners of the clandestine state to be brought above board, monument to the disappeared -names and identities of men, women and children disappeared by the secrecy state in order to “protect” any  ET-government collaboration throughout the 50 States recognized at the capitols.]

SUMMARY: The right to call force to defend yourself and your property from invasive extraterrestrial advances on your life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.



Zillamod – I got an 404 Error trying to visit the contact page of the office of the Vice President.  It’s to be expected I think.  If you put yourself in their shoes I would not want to hear any more words from the US public.  The times for the people are harsh; which yields harshness.  What can you expect when you tolerate and allow corruption to flower?

The beat down on American government is actually getting so bad it’s hurting *my* feelings.   It’s getting so depressing,  I am wondering how anyone can actually function or lift their head, much less get out of bed, put themselves together and get to work.

So I wrote this  note. I’ll have to use Twitter to send it.

Dear Vice President Biden, 


This is a note of encouragement to you and to working members of the White House.  

I’ve noticed something that really troubles me about the court of public opinion, the White House and about human beings in general.  If you are too critical and too hard with people, they don’t have room to improve. It troubles me to see Presidential administrations over the course of twelve years be in such poor balance of public opinion. 

As a member of citizen media I have certainly identified myself as critical of my government.  I might be called a patriot with a really tough backhand stroke when it comes time to face the truth.  However, these times call for balance.   We have reached the outlands of extremity and the leaders have lost their way. 

I urge you against being discouraged to the point you can’t remember your ability to do good and lose sight of the modest, right way to do things. Don’t believe the swirling morass surrounding the administration is completely one persons fault, because your wear the leadership cap. It’s time to assert the truth here. 

Not everything the Obama Administration does is “wrong”.  Please remind yourself and your staff of the positive things you are doing to reconstruct and build America.   I hope you and your staff make time to speak up about the truly good things they do internally because it is really important for morale. We don’t need to hear it – you do.

It will inject courage and clarity about your abilities and the truth of how you are doing some things right. The country needs your leadership to be inspired by authentically positive examples of simple good deeds. Routine observance of these truths will keep your eye on the prize: a positive direction for America. Don’t feed yourself on the cynical, underlording that seems to keep oozing out in mass media.  

Think and believe on the most positive future in reach, not the future you despair and fear.

The Obama Administration is taking some knocks.  The bad news is the beatings will continue; even if I never said anything critical again for the remainder of the time you, your staff and  Obama are at the EO.  I get the sense that some of this job is really impossible if you want to please everyone about every single policy area. This is just a gentle nudge: don’t give up on doing what is right, honoring your oath of office and a commitment to do whatever you can to clean up your own house (which is the Senate, actually.)

I’m concerned for the morale of civil servants sacrificing their mental health daily to do public service work in an essentially corrupt and dysfunctional system. It didn’t get that way overnight, so the expectations are that you first survive your dailies with clarity and mission focus intact. Then accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.  It often takes more courage to be strong in the face of internal intrigues and just do something good for the sake of doing so. 

So this is a certain reminder, I believe that you can do good for America. And I am one of your worst critics. 

I hope this proves you can build upward and not look back. 

Thank you for staying focused on reachable good you can do for America’s society.

Be strong.


Zillamod, the writer at Godzilla Government blog

Zillamod – This author is not unlike others who watch TV and scroll the internet for curio and trivia.  It just so happens there is an entire community out there devoted to demonstrating the “belief” or “truth” of UFO or extraterrestrial life. I think we all may take for granted the vast information body exists on unexplained flying objects. The trouble comes with the assertions of US government involvement with extraterrestrial representation because there *may be* alien life.

So, welcome to the Community of the Absurd.

The absurdity comes not for proof or lack of proof of alien life as much as at how the United States government quails passive-aggressively on the subject of enforcement and regulation of expolicy. First it scoffs in denial of alien life, then leaks reports to leading exopolitical analysts that there might be the development of an agency to relate to existing alien life. It then releases rival charges from NASA, another executive agency, proof of alien life “would devastate society”.  This presumes alien life must not exist because it is against the political interest of the institution of the US government.

So far the only consistent legal evidence of how to approach exopolicy is inconsistent. There was once a national security cabinet which wrote up a regulation that citizens should lose their 1st, 5th and 6th Amendment rights if the government had proof of contact with an alien. It was a federal crime for a short time. The maximum penalty was indefinite detention. Then the regulation was revoked, but not repealed.  Dr. Michael Salla claims the regulation is still cited to actively encourage anyone to abort contact with an extraterrestrials and to not speak of it for fear of losing human rights.

Then comes a contested news leak from Iranian press that Edward Snowden provided “incontravertable proof” that sovereign governance of the Unites States was handed to the Tall Whites, an alien species rumored to live on the back of the moon. Who would even make such a decision? The anwer would be presumptively in a national security office somewhere above the US President.

There is the “debunked” evidence of MJ-12 or “Majestic” governance: 12 professionals with security clearances up to seven pay grades higher than the US President, still on the government payroll to date.  They are in the budget, yet, the government claims the MJ-12 team does not exist, according to Wikipedia.

So.. if the government could prove you contacted an alien you might lose your human rights in a comprehensive manner. However, if you are one of 12 non-existent people actively on the payroll above the US president, you could hand over complete soverignty of the United States to an alien species?  This “alien problem” is really one of a very human nature: duplicity.

Which criminal law firm do you call if a member of the US goverment were to try to indict you on secret evidence that you contacted an alien, when it has openly denied evidence of alien life since 1969?  In the Community of the Absurd, proof of alien life might be just one giant distraction from a problem that remains consistent with the Excutive Branch, abuse of power and imperial overreach against individual sovereignty.  Mass abuses of power are already impeachable offence. When is it okay to dispose of a ruler who has made a faustian deal to rule against civic contracts with anyone, much less an alien race?  Uh, that would presumably be never if you are the HPIC- the head puppet in charge.

The only devastating thing about the Executive handling of would-be-alien-life is the lack of citizen efficacy for human and civil rights in current process. No one who took an oath of office, as a US public official, has the right to cede the human rights of the American people. The NSA agency amid other Intelligence gathering agendas have proven themselves to be operating against the soverignty of the US people and its constitution on a continual basis. There is more than enough evidence that substantiates it has broken the social contract with every American citizen, forfeiting the right to govern without the existence of alien overlords.

The US Intelligence service’s comission to break ranks with the Constitution and American human interests, not just of citizens, but hard won diplomatic allegiances abroad with our allies is a serious political problem.  This is a story of avarice, cloaks and daggers, secrecies, witch hunts, smear campaigns, intimidation and obsession with control over any and all information.  This is also problem endemic to any political institution of the human race.  The shock comes to cruelties we routinely commission against our own kind.

The aliens don’t need to exist. It is already the highest treason of any Executive agency to invent a global threat to assert military dominance against its own people.  The worst has already happened by the hand of the devil you already know.  Alien living in America emerges as a haze of absurdity added to previously existing global threat of terrorism as an excuse to subvert of your natural rights. Empire syndrome is a pre-existing condition in human governments. It certainly would make more sense if your perpetrator were not human vs. a human ruler behaving like a monster.

Sadly, if you lose your rights and face imprisonment by human authorities for virtually anything (NDAA), you won’t care, much less recognize, the authority of an alien barking orders from the back of the moon. The absurdist result is exactly the same: you lose all of your conventional freedoms and natural rights to someone who has no right to take them from you in the first place.

Decrees from the Community of the Absurd can globalize the threat of “the terrorists” or “the aliens” or “ environmental disaster”.  After, they can committ hundreds of millions of dollars of graft under veil of complete secrecy, erect their own court system, pass laws that abridge the US Constitution and try to kill whomever they want.  The great circle created by globalist elites looks more like parasitic infection.  Yes, we should defnitely get that looked at.

That is why the current error at large openly masquerading as “public service” in the form of State Secrets and National Security license is actually tax fraud, graft and dereliction of duty.  The Wizard of Oz should be suddenly out on his ass if I could click my heels three times, eradicating the need for an expolitical institution from the Community of the Absurd.  The American people need agency first.

I feel badly for those would-be-aliens roped into clandestine dealmaking with the US government coming to collect on treaty.  They should talk to the Native Americans about their trials and tribulations with this government.

There is a saying used in many parts of the United States, “I don’t know you and I don’t owe you”.  My advice going forward to anyone from the time-space continuum is to try to sitting down with the democratic leaders of our great republic, the people of the United States, not its politicians. They are known to make promises they can’t keep.